Considering Adding an Allergy Program to Your Medical Practice?

Here’s Why Savvy Medical Practices Choose Allergy Solutions…

  • Help your patients find long-term, even life-long relief, with allergy immunotherapy new-substantial revenue stream to your practice
  • Improve patient retention through evidence-based allergy-care protocols.
  • Attract and retain satisfied patients while attracting new patients to your practice – only refer complex patients to the specialists.
  • Simplicity – Our services are easy to implement and use.

Our Service Offering

  • Skin testing for inhalant allergies (plant pollen, animal dander, dust, mold etc.).
  • Allergy Pharmacy Services: Using published, proven-effective protocols, we follow the office-physicians’ orders to create customized immunotherapy (both SLIT and SCIT) for each patient. Immunotherapy is the only treatment that addresses the cause of allergies rather than just symptoms. Most often, sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is the easiest, safest and most-effective route for both doctors and patients.
  • Online portal to increase the speed and accuracy of allergy-care delivery.
  • Clinical Support: Access to licensed medical providers for consultation and ongoing support.
  • Online Training Modules: Thorough-yet-efficient-online training for physicians, nurses and clinic admin. staff
  • Patient Marketing Tools to engage and educate allergic patients in your practice, without burdening physicians and staff

Rapid Implementation

Allergy Solutions’ 3-step on-boarding process makes it fast and easy for practices to add allergy services. We walk through all of the implementation details in an introductory call, then provide online training modules for physicians and staff to complete before the go-live date, where we help your physicians and staff start allergy testing patients in your practice.

Allergy Solutions’ philosophy is that offering quality-evidence-based care is the best way
to increase revenue and practice growth. Effective treatment engenders loyalty and trust
among patients, who not only stay in your practice long-term, but also refer friends and family to you.

Satisfied-Physician Testimonials

“We chose Allergy Solutions because they’re easy to work with and their pricing is more practice-friendly than the other allergy-service providers we evaluated.”
-Nicole B, MD, Orlando Florida

“Allergy Solutions’ services have given my practice a low-effort and low-overhead revenue stream, access to excellent allergy care for my patients and have seamlessly integrated into my practice. I am confident that ASI can do the same for your practice.”
-Michael K., MD, Broomfield Colorado